Andrew Lewis, MBE | Consul and Head of Trade & Investment

“I run the commercial department for the British government on the West Coast and my office helps 3-4 companies open and grow operations in the UK each month. As a result, we need to help our clients understand our immigration rules and advise them on which visa is most appropriate for their move to the UK. The visa rules are constantly changing and to ensure that my clients get the best advice fast, I defer all these enquiries to Agnes and Des. I have worked with immigration law firms in the past who charged a lot of money and used to get their advice from Agnes and Des (when they ran the visa department for the British Consulate in Los Angeles). I have found Agnes and Des to be very responsive and extremely helpful. The visa process for my clients is often very stressful and it is good to know that I can rely on Agnes and Des to help with that element of the companies’ broader expansion process.”

Andrew Lewis, MBE
Consul and Head of Trade & Investment
British Consulate-General, Los Angeles

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