Andrew Lewis, MBE | Consul and Head of Trade & Investment

“I run the commercial department for the British government on the West Coast and my office helps 3-4 companies open and grow operations in the UK each month. As a result, we need to help our clients understand our immigration rules and advise them on which visa is most appropriate for their move to the UK. The visa rules are constantly changing and to ensure that my clients get the best advice fast, I defer all these enquiries to Agnes and Des. I have worked with immigration law firms in the past who charged a lot of money and used to get their advice from Agnes and Des (when they ran the visa department for the British Consulate in Los Angeles). I have found Agnes and Des to be very responsive and extremely helpful. The visa process for my clients is often very stressful and it is good to know that I can rely on Agnes and Des to help with that element of the companies’ broader expansion process.”

Andrew Lewis, MBE
Consul and Head of Trade & Investment
British Consulate-General, Los Angeles

Diana Lyle | Editor-In-Chief: Westlake Malibu Lifestyle

“I discovered a few days before the London 2012 Olympics that I required a UK visa. I hastily submitted an application online and assumed that I would get it in time. However, I submitted a faulty application with missing elements (even though I thought I had done everything correctly). Agnes Butler of Butler & Brewer came to the rescue; she instantly knew why my application would not succeed and intervened on my behalf not only with efficiency – but with compassion. I was devastated at the thought of not being able to join my team at the Olympics, and Agnes was able to resolve my dilemma. Within 24 hours, a potentially heartbreaking situation was turned into a triumph and I boarded the plane to London thanks to Agnes going above and beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend that anybody applying for a UK visa not do it on his/her own; if something goes wrong, you have to start again from the beginning. Butler & Brewer know the UK visa process inside and out and will steer you to a safe outcome – they are thorough and dedicated to their clients.”

Diana Lyle
Editor-In-Chief: Westlake Malibu Lifestyle

Tamara B. | Student

“I used Butler and Brewer’s services to obtain my Tier 4 Student Visa; it was the best decision I could have made. They handled the process with ease, professionalism, and provided a level of reassuring comfort that simply cast out any worry or anxiety about the fate of my visa. Everything was riding on the receipt of my visa; Butler and Brewer executed flawlessly with superior speed and service.”

Tamara B.

Sabrina Chong, Ed.D. | Associate Director, USC

“I trust Butler & Brewer and the services that they provide. They are highly competent, experienced professionals in their field, and they go the extra mile to deliver for our students who need Tier 4 visas every summer. One notable strength – their expertise in keeping up with UKBA regulations for international (non-US) students. I am grateful to have Butler & Brewer’s help in getting our students into the United Kingdom in a very smooth, efficient manner.”

Sabrina Chong, Ed.D.
Associate Director, Career Development & International Programs
USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

Katie W. | Manchester, UK

“I had the pleasure of working with Agnes to secure my UK Unmarried Partner visa. From the get-go she was approachable, knowledgeable, and very responsive to calls and emails. She helped get my visa expedited and was very patient despite the logistical challenges of me being on holiday and in a different state every few days! I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking for help acquiring a UK visa.”

Katie W.
Manchester, UK

Travis E. | San Marcos, California

“In the process of applying for my Tier 1 UK visa, I consulted Butler & Brewer. Their advice on the correct format for submission of documents saved me a potential problem with my application. As the current UK Border Agency price for this visa is over $1300, I am glad I consulted with Butler & Brewer rather than going it alone!”

Travis E.
San Marcos, California

Dilip R. | San Jose, California

“I was going to file my online UK work visa application myself, but I am glad I called Butler & Brewer to make sure I complied with all the requirements exactly. As a former visa officer, Des Brewer is very experienced and knowledgeable about the nuances of the UK visa process. He was very responsive and professional in all my communications with him. He sent me a questionnaire to complete, then got me an appointment for biometrics and did all the work to file the online application on my behalf. Des made it very easy indeed, and I got the work visa very quickly. I highly recommend Butler & Brewer for their services.”

Dilip R.
San Jose, California

Myriah W. | Phd Student

“Butler and Brewer were tremendously helpful thoughout the visa process. They eased my anxiety, especially when the UKBA office in New York was forced to shut down due to Hurricane Sandy while my application was there. I recommend their services without hesitation.”

Myriah W.
Phd Student
Guerneville, California

Jeff C. | Los Angeles, California

“I used Butler & Brewer to obtain my UK Sole Representative visa, and I couldn’t be happier with the services I received. They painlessly guided me through what can be a rather complicated and detail-driven process. I promptly received my visa with a multitude of questions being answered by Butler & Brewer along the way. I would strongly suggest that if you want to take the stress out of applying for your visa, you contact the Butler & Brewer team.”

Jeff C.
Los Angeles, California

Sandeep H. | Milpitas, California

“We applied for UK visitor visas through Butler and Brewer. Agnes was very prompt in answering our questions and keeping us updated. She took care of everything and it was almosy effortless on our end. I would definitely recommend ther services to anyone who needs a UK visa.” 

Sandeep H.
Milpitas, California