Why Butler and Brewer have a 100% success rate.

American passports with tickets ready to go because the owners have their UK visasWith over twenty years experience in processing UK visa applications with the British Consulate, Agnes Butler, Lead Immigration Consultant with Butler and Brewer has a well-developed sense of when an application will not meet the stringent standards of the UK Visas and Immigration department. As she puts it “We won’t submit an application we know is going to be rejected, our reputation with the UKVI is too important. So we work with clients to get their application into shape before we submit it.”

The first step in the UK settlement visa process with Butler and Brewer is a free ten-minute phone call with a Lead Immigration Consultant, with no obligation to continue. 

We ask for a brief email about your circumstances beforehand, what you want to do in the UK, and any steps you have taken already. 

Within that ten-minute phone call with a UK immigration consultant, we can nearly always tell you if you will qualify for a UK Visa. And if you are not ready…

…we will give you actionable steps to prepare for a future application. We caution marginal cases to consider that a refused application for a UK visa must be declared in future applications and can travel with you to other countries if you apply for a visa there.

We will always outline the full visa process, what happens next, how Butler & Brewer will help and we will give you a clear path to starting your new life in the UK. 

Do you have your bank statements from a while ago ready to go? How about proof of a relationship? Keep your old file binders, as shown in this imageOften a difficult step is getting the financial requirements right, we can layout what amount you need to have saved, and how long you need to have had it. The financial requirements are well laid out on the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) website, but the total number of web pages that cover every eventuality is in the hundreds.

It’s often quite hard to navigate through the UKVI website. Our years of experience mean we are familiar with the site and are alerted to any changes.