How the Butler & Brewer no visa no fee promise works.

We are confident that if we take your case that we can achieve a successful visa application outcome for you and we stake our professional service fees on it.

Our confidence is based on the years of experience Agnes Butler, our Lead Immigration Consultant, has from working for the UKVI at the British Consulate in Los Angeles and seeing thousands of UK visa applications cross her desk.

“We won’t submit an application that we wouldn’t approve ourselves,” she explains, “based on what clients tell us in that first 10-minute free consultation, we can determine if their application will qualify or if they need to take further steps to become better prepared for an application.”

If your application is unsuccessful, due to an error on our side, then we will provide a full refund of our professional service fees.

Let us simplify the visa process!

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Why Butler and Brewer have a 100% success rate.

American passports with tickets ready to go because the owners have their UK visasWith over twenty years experience in processing UK visa applications with the British Consulate, Agnes Butler, Lead Immigration Consultant with Butler and Brewer has a well-developed sense of when an application will not meet the stringent standards of the UK Visas and Immigration department. As she puts it “We won’t submit an application we know is going to be rejected, our reputation with the UKVI is too important. So we work with clients to get their application into shape before we submit it.”

The first step in the UK settlement visa process with Butler and Brewer is a free ten-minute phone call with a Lead Immigration Consultant, with no obligation to continue. 

We ask for a brief email about your circumstances beforehand, what you want to do in the UK, and any steps you have taken already. 

Within that ten-minute phone call with a UK immigration consultant, we can nearly always tell you if you will qualify for a UK Visa. And if you are not ready…


Surprising things you learn about visa applications working at the British Consulate for 20 years.

The backs of cheerful colored chairs in a waiting room for a UK visa processing centre, queues can be avoided by etting Butler and BRewer help you with your visa applictionAgnes Butler, Lead Immigration Consultant at Butler and Brewer, worked at British Consulates for over 20 years, mostly in the Los Angeles office, but in other locations as well. 

Seeing thousands of UK Visa and naturalization applications pass across her desk over the years has given her a finely tuned sensibility of what to look for in an application, what is too much information (boxes of CD’s or VHS tapes – really) what is too little (less than the detailed requirements on the UKVI website) and how to achieve her clients goals of a smooth settlement process in the UK without wasting the time of busy visa officials. 


Our tips for preparing for a UK settlement visa application.

Busily getting UK visa information ready with a laptop and a cup of coffeeIf you are in the early stages of applying or preparing to apply for your visa to the UK we have some tips for preparing your application. 

Try and stay in the same employment in the run-up to your application. Changing jobs just before you apply will make your application more difficult. If you are moving to the UK with your job, great news. If you need to find a job in the UK, start your search early, and stay employed in the US. You want to show a consistent employment record to the UKVI.

If your move to the UK is based on a relationship with someone who has the right to remain in the UK, a citizen, a visa holder or someone else, then start thinking about how you can show consistency in your relationship. A flurry of pictures within the same week looks suspicious, but pictures from trips, family occasions and life with a few different haircuts shows consistency. 


What’s happening with UK Visas? What are the latest laws that might affect my UK Visa application?

While we can’t be exhaustive here, we will try to answer some of the questions we regularly receive. We’ll also highlight some of the issues we are commonly seeing, and tips and tricks we think might benefit a wider audience. If you want a question answered, please get in touch.